Rondo Grill Brush

Rondo Grilling

Rondo Grill Brush is uniquely and carefully designed for ease of use and effective cleaning. It features perfectly angled head with three thick wide brushes to allow for faster grill cleaning without putting strain and pressure on your hand. Brush is ergonomically designed for perfect balance and weight distribution that allows easier and better pressure distribution over the grill grates. Long handle makes it easy to reach hardest places without effort. Stainless steel bristles and wire construction allow for effective removal of burnt-on residue that is safe for all grill types.


  • Wide Heavy duty brush head including three thick brushes. 
  • Durable comfortable reinforced black plastic handle. 
  • Brushes with stainless steel bristles that are strong enough for prolonged use. Will not rust. 
  • Safe for all grill types: steal, porcelain or ceramic grates. 
  • Overall length 17 ". 
  • Brush head width 5 ".